Peleliu Tribute
A tribute to those who fought at Peleliu, South Pacific, WW II.

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The Peleliu Tribute is a list of some of the men who fought at Peleliu. You may view the list by using the links on the left.

This site is maintained by an individual, the proud daughter of a Peleliu vet, who seeks to pay tribute to those who fought in this horrific battle. This list is expanded as new information is submitted. If you, or someone you know, should be included, you may submit a listing to me by email. As an individual and not an organization, it is sometimes difficult for me to keep up with the high volume of submissions. To speed up the process it is VERY IMPORTANT that you submit listings in the same format as the other entries (i.e., Last name first in capitals, followed by first name, middle name, rank, and then service information, etc.). New listings are typically added within 2 weeks. Please be patient.

I do not have access to the military records of individuals, but I can recommend the following websites to obtain such information: Military Records and National Archives and Records Administration.

+ before the name indicates those known to have been killed in action on Peleliu.

* before the name indicates those who were known to be wounded on Peleliu.

Marine casualties on Peleliu (September 15, 1944 - November 25, 1944) were 1,336 killed and 6,032 wounded. Navy casualties were 195 killed and 505 wounded. Army casualties (81st Infantry Division) were 110 killed and 717 wounded, with 264 killed and 1,335 wounded on Angaur (September 17, 1944 - October 21, 1944). The Japanese lost an estimated 10,650 men. An additional 301 became prisoners of war.

Operation Report, 81st Infantry Division, Operation on Peleliu Island, 23 Sept. - 27 Nov. 1944.